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  2. Add me on Xbox I play cod and destiny 2. Tarheelzfan
  3. Hello, I’ve just joined, I’m 50 years old and been gaming for 20 years on and off, currently on Xbox one and playing COD warzone and multiplayer, if we have a regiment on there I would like to join, Mature cheddar is best
  4. Hi fella, good to see your back home again
  5. Welcome back. Permanent nights, killer.
  6. thanks for the invite added
  7. Evening Fella, I’m doing the whole CoD thing again , so I’ll add you once I can pry my kids off the Playstation ~GC~
  8. Hi Folks I think this is either my second or third return to ONR, I’m working permanent nights so hard to keep track. Anyway, I’ve got back into gaming, so don’t forget to add me again. Gorillachops Big Hugs ~GC~
  9. Welcome back fella Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. great news thanks for the friend request have added you
  11. Dracon


    Welcome bud, I also play MW so happy to team up 😁
  12. invictus_vii


    Recently started to play modern warfare... hoping to find a few on here who play if you do add me PSN invictus_vii
  13. Welcome aboard fella [emoji106] sent from my own special corner of hell [emoji6]
  14. Welcome I’m Tarheelzfan on Xbox
  15. Welcome. I'm cyberbloke on PSN, Xbox and Steam.
  16. Welcome along (back?) Drac
  17. Hi, whilst I have been registered a while (but inactive) from the days when MaturePs3Gamers unfortunately called it a day, I thought I had better post here rather than sneak back in unannounced. Hope you have all been keeping well, I have found the old mojo and started playing the various machines again. I am Dan (Drac) - 40 years old, married, 2 kids, 2 dogs the works, based out of Staffordshire, UK. Mostly into RPGs, Shooters, Action/Adventure, also big into outdoor stuff like Mountaineering, scaring myself to death on climbing walls etc. Have Xbox, PS4 and PC, all under the moniker of DraconZeal, be good to have a game sometime. Thanks Dan. (Drac.)
  18. hol666

    Hello there

    Welcome aboard Krizz, saw you on D2 the last few days. sent from my own special corner of hell [emoji6]
  19. Might be good to know that Kris is actually old and rubbish. He also likes to be tbagged !
  20. Hello, I’d like to join OnR, already been a member on ps3. i’m 39 and mostly online during evenings. Enjoy Pve as much as pvp. Mijn name is krizzz1980. I play to relax and enjoy myself. gr Chris
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