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    It's time for another go.....

    Well, it's been a LOOOOONG time since I gamed with any of you and I really miss it. A lot has happened in that time. My son has completely taken over my PS4 (it's in his bloody room!) I may have a little more time to game over the next few weeks so wanted to drop back in and see what's happening. Doesn't seem to be much activity on here these days Where has everyone gone? I have Battlefield V but have hardly played it. Got RDR2 which I have put some hours in and loved which is unusual for me as I don't play SP generally and found RDR1 boring. Does anyone remember me lol?!
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    hello strangrs

    long tome no post.... I fell quite n00b again but alas back playing the PS4 after a few years break. nice to see the old ship still sailing... getting the old school feel back red
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    Back Again . . .

    Hi Folks I think this is either my second or third return to ONR, I’m working permanent nights so hard to keep track. Anyway, I’ve got back into gaming, so don’t forget to add me again. Gorillachops Big Hugs ~GC~
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    Hello there

    Hello, I’d like to join OnR, already been a member on ps3. i’m 39 and mostly online during evenings. Enjoy Pve as much as pvp. Mijn name is krizzz1980. I play to relax and enjoy myself. gr Chris
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    Evening All

    Evening all, it’s been a while, think my last post was in 2016🙈 eldest has left school, now at college both have switched to the dark side (Xbox) town got promoted to .....and relegated from the premier league England won the Cricket World Cup Game of Thrones finished but Marvel trundles on.....and on ....time flies. So, why now, well Tapatalk has started sending me notifications and one particular post caught my eye from Skid regarding Modern Warfare, so I thought I’d have another look. How are we all, see many familiar names and some new? Don’t game as much recently, nothing has captured my imagination to stick with it and end up about 30% complete, RDR2, GoW, TR3 to name a few, one of the boys bought Days Gone and I tried it for 5mins before giving up. So I’m looking for inspiration, definitely picking up CoD when it’s out, though that’s more through hope than expectation these days and long gone are the 3am finishes before work the next day. .....oh and favourite cheese are those sliced ones like Emmental...work of the devil that
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