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    Not you... :)
  1. You will like it! Even if you don't go into the multiplayer games right away, there is a lot to do in the backyard.
  2. I play it on occasion. There is a huge update coming soon and will have me back into it more.
  3. Welcome to OnR! I'm a stay-at-home mom so know how "busy" you are allllll dayyyyyyy and can't always play video games.
  4. Welcome! I'm sure I'll see you in RDR2 at some point unless I get lost in story mode.
  5. NerfThisBabe


    Tell you what? Where I was in the movie? Lol Honestly, I haven't even watched it yet, but it was in an assassination scene.
  6. Welcome to OnR! I hope your kids are not Hanzo mains.
  7. Hello and welcome! On the very rare occasion, you will find me in GTA.
  8. LOL nice name Welcome to OnR.
  9. That's when you know you're old. I've forgotten my age at times. It's kind of sad, because I have to sit there and do math to tell someone how old I am.
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