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  1. Hi fella, good to see your back home again
  2. hi fella, still here gaming, only racing im currently doing is in GTAVOnline. were regularly racing weekly on a tuesday night. think your still on my friends list, i'm too lazy to go through and tidy up my list.
  3. spline

    GTA Tuesday

    Indeed, nice too mix up the races again, and there were some good ones this time round. I actual won a few to my surprise
  4. spline

    GTA Tuesday

    no problem, feel free to join and duo out at any point. Always nice to see you
  5. spline

    GTA Tuesday

    Indeed, session will be running from about half eight tonight. Hopefully we will get even more than we did lady week. It was good to see me names joining, would be good to see some old faces again.
  6. spline

    GTA Tuesday

    I'm glad you enjoyed the night,,I will give the stream a watch today. Not sure i will see much of myself as I was doing appalling in most of the stunt races and was in last place most of the time. Hope to see you next week
  7. spline

    GTA Tuesday

    Indeed, all welcome on a Tuesday. Feel free to send me an invite if I'm not on your friends list and join in the fun.
  8. Welcome along moonbeam, good too catch up with you on GTA, nice to have another new member along for the ride. Tuesday is GTA night. Your always welcome. Sent from my HTC One_M8
  9. Hi chap, glad you finally got round to it.
  10. Thanks to all those who turned up last night, was the best session in a long time. Glad everyone liked the new jobs in the airport, didn't think they would do down quite so well. It makes it worth putting the time in creating when I know you guys enjoy them. More next week? Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
  11. Also while I'm at it, R* are doing double RP & Double $ on the third heist, netting $56,000 pre set up and$1,350,000 to share on the finale of the heist when run on hard. Worth teaming up to get this done. I'm currently running through the heists in order with the same crew. Did it last night and was a nice chunk of money in the bank. Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
  12. Well I have a host of new events in the airport and the military base I have made fore tonight's GET Tuesday, so will be running some of those. I like your idea about the car show, not sure about entering the new super car, don't fancy blowing it up as it costs $27,5000 to replace..... Will be on from 8 pm until late as usual. Hope to see you guys tonight. Also, was thinking of just running one long gta Tuesday night thread drum now on to keep it GTA Tuesday relate. Think we're losing people as there not checking new posts for game nights.
  13. HI chap, best bet would be to add me as a freind and then I can invite you when your playing next, This Tuesday I think Im hosting again, your more than welcome to join us. I run the session from 8pm onwards.
  14. Welcome along chap, we still have a regular night going with GTA, and there is normally a few playing of an evening. Add me to your friends list and join the O&R1 crew and we will get you involved. There's always fun and stupidity to be had, never take our to seriously. Usually I run GTA night on a Tuesday 8 till late, but this week I have commitments. But normal service will return the week after. Catch you in los Santos. Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
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