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  1. Welcome! There's a bunch of D2 regulars on here so hit us up via the clan or chuck me a friend request. I tend not to spend a lot of time in the crucible as I get irritated my old & rubbishness but generally anything else D2 related I'm up for. Currently trying (and failing!!) to reset my Gambit infamy before S4 ends.
  2. CatDonkey1


    Hello and welcome mate. Still some of us regularly on Destiny 2, RDR2 will gather a lot of followrs online too no doubt. I dip in and out of Star Wars Battlefront 2 and also GWENT (but I think I'm the only one round here that plays that - not enough shooting for most folks ).
  3. Welcome to the mad-house Torrid. I'm surprised no one has mentioned cheese yet!
  4. I enjoyed Friday's session, first time I've teamed up in-game with anyone online and it played really well I thought. Lots of laughs, as ever, with team OnR!
  5. Might not be on until late, but if I can get online I'll keep an eye out and join in if there's space
  6. Nice. Although anyone on with me will just hear me swearing 'cos I've done something stupid in game again... Must admit I'm looking forward to some online sessions again - been away from it for a while now - kind of fell out of love with online for a while but I can feel some of the PS4's upcoming games pulling me back in.
  7. Chat party? How's that work then? Would that be the cross-game voice chat thing everyone was always banging on about on PS3?
  8. OK, so I never left, but I feel like a new member having finally levelled up from PS3 to PS4 at the weekend... For those that don't know: Martyn aka CatDonkey1. I answer to most variations on these names: "f****** hell donkey watch out where you're firing that thing!" for example.Favourite cheese: Yes! All of them, even the Philadelphia Chocolate are much loved here. Apart from cottage cheese - not sure why - makes me retch uncontrolably.History: Joined O&R a year after PS3 launched. Had never gamed online before then and had so much fun I've been lurking here ever since. Have been gaming in one form or another since... well, I'll have to leave it as "ZX81 days" as I can't remember the actual year anymore!Favourite online games/modes on PS3: Resistance 2 Superhuman (co-op), Mass Effect 3 multiplayer (co-op), Killzone 2 (any mode), Dungeon Defenders (PSN).Favourite online games/modes on PS4: 2 days in and it's waaaay too early to tell but I have Destiny and Evolve on pre-order which I'm really looking forward to.All I need to do now is understand how to actually use the PS4 and everything will be rosy! It's good to be back (if you see what I mean!). :salut: CD
  9. If you rearrange I'll happily grenade myself to death as a farewell to Resistance :salut:
  10. Got my nieces staying over this weekend so I'm not 100% I'll be free - but if everyone is in bed (and my router lets me join - seem to remember me having issues last time I tried) I'll be there - can't believe it's the last one... ever! Also, I still have all my PS3 games... wtf? Also, I'll be crap... but then, you knew that!
  11. I'll try but at the moment I'm a little fed up with the online because each time I quit it loses my character... Spent several hours Saturday morning playing (and enjoying it) - only for it all to evaporate - even the Rockstar Social Network has no stats for my online character... I know that if it takes too long to get fixed I won't bother because everyone will be sooooo far ahead of me I won't be able to compete... Stupid cloud <grumble grumble>
  12. Finally managed to get some PS3 time last night so fired up the online mode. After the weird (but strangely compelling!) character creation I ventured forth. Not really knowing what I was supposed to be doing (I missed RDR's online fun) I was examining menu's to see if it helped me deduce what I could/couldn't do when I heard grunting and detected fuzzy movement behind the menu's... I dutifully cancelled out of them only to find my guy getting the sh*t kicked out of him by some hairy f**ker! I got one punch in before I hit the floor and the git ran of with a bunch of my money! I think it might help next time if I can hook up with some O&R "friendlies" that can teach me the ropes so I'm not such an easy target next time! :salut:
  13. Won't be able to try this out on Tuesday. At the footy straight after work until late...
  14. Yep, still need to pop my online-cherry for this game
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