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  1. Welcome along (back?) Drac
  2. Blimey - talk about a blast from the past! Welcome back Red
  3. 5....4 what’s the difference?? 😂😂
  4. Welcome back Beefy!! yes of course we remember you. Thankfully you’ve picked one of the games that does seem to still have a following on here with BF4. I believe Huano & Darkstorm are setting up a game night on Fridays for it?
  5. wyverex

    Well hello!

    Welcome along - there is an Xbox section kicking around here somewhere.......
  6. wyverex

    new oldie

    Welcome back Yorky. The memory isn’t what it used to be, but if you played M.A.G then I definitely played with you before!
  7. Welcome along mate Glad you found your way over here. There are usually players on most times, so have a look around, get stuck in & join
  8. wyverex


    Welcome aboard! We're most certainly older & slower than the average gamers!
  9. wyverex


    Welcome along to the PS4 retirement home Jonny.
  10. Welcome back Lowi! I would say add me mate, but I’ve just checked & you’re still on my friends list.
  11. Welcome back (again) Ted :lol:
  12. wyverex

    Hello again

    Welcome back. There are a few of us playing Destiny 2. Some of us even enjoy it. Join the clan if you haven't already. We do have a regular group trying to beat the raids, but there are others who also want to do those activities so it could be possible to build another group up. And I do plan to help other O&R members through the raids once we're masters at it - just need to beat the bloody thing first!! >_ Otherwise there are usually some Guardians on each night, and plenty of things to do with strikes & crucible that are more entertaining in a group.
  13. Welcome along Tame / Yahozna. As mentioned, there’s a few of us still enjoying Destiny 2. I see you’re already part of the Clan so I’m sure we’ll bump into each other somewhere along the way.
  14. Welcome back EW & congrats on the little one to both you & your good lady! Ahhhh 10 weeks....still the golden period..... Loved those times. It's the other 14 years & 42 weeks that have been difficult!
  15. wyverex


    My my - you're still here? Admin alert!!
  16. They're obviously just super excited about the Destiny 2 beta & finding out if the Warmind, Rasputin, is still active.... "Ra ra Rasputin, Lover of the Russian Queen....."
  17. MAG!! I knew I knew the fecking name! Welcome back mate. Don't have BF1 myself but there are some playing it somewhere around here
  18. wyverex


    So you're a Trekkie then? Welcome aboard fella!
  19. wyverex

    Hey guys

    Oh and welcome back & really sorry to hear about your recent troubles.
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