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  1. 5....4 what’s the difference?? 😂😂
  2. Welcome back Beefy!! yes of course we remember you. Thankfully you’ve picked one of the games that does seem to still have a following on here with BF4. I believe Huano & Darkstorm are setting up a game night on Fridays for it?
  3. wyverex

    Well hello!

    Welcome along - there is an Xbox section kicking around here somewhere.......
  4. wyverex

    new oldie

    Welcome back Yorky. The memory isn’t what it used to be, but if you played M.A.G then I definitely played with you before!
  5. Welcome along mate Glad you found your way over here. There are usually players on most times, so have a look around, get stuck in & join
  6. wyverex


    Welcome aboard! We're most certainly older & slower than the average gamers!
  7. wyverex


    Welcome along to the PS4 retirement home Jonny.
  8. Welcome back Lowi! I would say add me mate, but I’ve just checked & you’re still on my friends list.
  9. Welcome back (again) Ted :lol:
  10. wyverex

    Hello again

    Welcome back. There are a few of us playing Destiny 2. Some of us even enjoy it. Join the clan if you haven't already. We do have a regular group trying to beat the raids, but there are others who also want to do those activities so it could be possible to build another group up. And I do plan to help other O&R members through the raids once we're masters at it - just need to beat the bloody thing first!! >_ Otherwise there are usually some Guardians on each night, and plenty of things to do with strikes & crucible that are more entertaining in a group.
  11. Welcome along Tame / Yahozna. As mentioned, there’s a few of us still enjoying Destiny 2. I see you’re already part of the Clan so I’m sure we’ll bump into each other somewhere along the way.
  12. Welcome back EW & congrats on the little one to both you & your good lady! Ahhhh 10 weeks....still the golden period..... Loved those times. It's the other 14 years & 42 weeks that have been difficult!
  13. My my - you're still here? Admin alert!!
  14. They're obviously just super excited about the Destiny 2 beta & finding out if the Warmind, Rasputin, is still active.... "Ra ra Rasputin, Lover of the Russian Queen....."
  15. MAG!! I knew I knew the fecking name! Welcome back mate. Don't have BF1 myself but there are some playing it somewhere around here
  16. So you're a Trekkie then? Welcome aboard fella!
  17. wyverex

    Hey guys

    Oh and welcome back & really sorry to hear about your recent troubles.
  18. wyverex

    Hey guys

    I'm happy to help too! Only recently got into Destiny but am more than willing to spend what time I can on it (seems to mainly be Sundays at the moment!) And yes Givo, that does mean you too
  19. I just completely misread this in the quick view from the main page. For some reason my brain decided to read it as o_O welcome aboard GC!
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