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  1. welcome back fellow person with rooster in the name
  2. Not been on for ages but will try and get on
  3. Can't make it this week, will be in the land of oxfordshireshireshire, I've got my passport and had my jabs
  4. Welcome and enjoy, see you on the battlefield - I'm the one dying a lot [emoji28]
  5. Yip good fun tonight, I died lots but managed to stop Craig getting my tags!
  6. Yup, I'll be there to give everyone target practice
  7. Welcome and enjoy. Just purchased bf4 so you can be my minder [emoji6]
  8. Welcome to the retirement home [emoji106]
  9. Welcome to the retirement home
  10. I bought bf4 premium yesterday so will hopefully be on tonight. Be gentle [emoji15]
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