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  1. Near Wakefield. Thanks for the welcome everyone.
  2. Hi, I've been getting tired of lone wolfing around lately so thought I'd stop being so anti-social and check you guys out. 'Old and rubbish' seems apt. The name's Scott, 38 years old, from West Yorkshire, UK. I've been playing games as long as I can remember, right back to the Atari 2600. My main console at the moment being the PS4 but I do dabble in PC gaming when I get the cash together for a new PC build every few years. I seem to manage to convince myself that playing EVE Online is a good idea every 2-3 years but I think I might have finally broken that addiction these days. With regards to online stuff I'm predominantly a Battlefield player, I found this group because I play on the BF4 OnR server quite a bit. I like shooters generally for multiplayer but I'll pretty much turn my hand to anything if there is a fun group to play with, I'm not genre specific with my gaming tastes. Always up for a quick game of Rocket League or World of Tanks or even Minecraft if people are up for it. Hopefully, being here will give me an excuse to pick up some games that I've put off so far like Rainbow Six Siege if you guys are still into that. Anyway, not sure how you guys handle all the organising and comms etc. so I'll spend some time looking through the forums and seeing where I can join in. P.S. I always choose the right cheese for the right occasion but if I had to choose my jack-of-all-trades cheese it would be Red Leicester. PSN: ward1978
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