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  1. Welcome pal just got bf1 yesterday my psn name is the same as here
  2. Would love to see some game play for bf3 on the gameboy is it even real?
  3. Sorry guys I'm not givin his name out but he's come clean and told me he's only a pro at drinking buck fast but only after I requested to view his game play lol.
  4. Haha I'm actually going to ask that.
  5. Just had I guy friend request me when playing bf4 with a message saying "I'm thinking of joining OnR so spread the word" so I just said go for it and enjoy. Then another message saying "I'm a pro by the way". What do you think is this guy having me on or what?
  6. Welcome guys my gamer tag is the same as here so feel free to friend request me on bf4.
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