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  1. Welcome home... I think I may have culled you and a few others who hadn't been online for months (years?) off my friends list last week! Friend request incoming!
  2. Welcome. Nice username :smiley-sport002:
  3. Topov81


    So that explains why you're not around much
  4. Topov81

    I am back

    mdee...rings a bell, pretty sure I remember you. Did you have this PSN avatar once upon a time ?... Anyway, welcome back :thumbleft:
  5. Topov81

    How do

    Whatcha gonna do when Westy runs wild over you ?! lol
  6. Welcome Batch. If 27 is old then many folk around here are positively ancient !!
  7. Topov81


    You're right Zaz, the Mods round here are a right bunch of meanies :roll: lol
  8. Topov81


    Welcome back Nick :thumbleft:
  9. Will try and get in a few races if my copy arrives.
  10. I would but the wife wants a chick flick night.... :mates:
  11. Topov81


    Well hello there :thumbright:I almost didn't make it back... typing Playstation backwards took 3 attempts !! :oops: Cheers :drinks:
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