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  1. Is this still going? If so, im definitely joining in this week!
  2. Hahahaha, just set up a bit of my profile, input my DoB and it told me im 31! I thought i was 32, im 32 in February supposedly lol
  3. Is there an OnR server on BF1 as i cant find it if there is
  4. Also, i am day 1 destiny player with all exotics if anyone ever needs a hand them give me a shout. I sadly know all of the lore aswell lol
  5. I love that drifter advert! Hahaha
  6. Just applied to the platoon aswell, i do love an active group. Thankyou blueplob
  7. Thankyou for the warm welcome guys, i will add you shortly Huano. Still curious about the cheese question tho lol long standing joke i presume
  8. Any particular reason for knowing the cheese? Lol
  9. Hahaha, ive always liked a strong mature cheddar but occasionally i will go for a blue Stilton
  10. Hi all, i play bf4 and 1 on ps4. Im 32 yrs old and my gamertag is mr2drifter.
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