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  1. Welcome back Beefy, hope life has settled down for ya? Yes, BF5(V) does still have an active player base as does BF4, as Wyv said. 😉🙂
  2. hol666

    Well hello!

    Hi bud, welcome to O&R
  3. Welcome aboard, kinda did wonder who was on D2?
  4. hol666


    Welcome amen, what ya playing then?
  5. Welcome aboard, the boards aren't as active as they used to be but still a few here.
  6. Don't forget to grab your plus games!
  7. hol666

    GTA Tuesday

    A typical Tuesday night's entertainment
  8. hol666

    Hi guys

    Welcome aboard youngster, plenty of Burnout right now.
  9. hol666

    Hello again

    Welcome back fella, we weren't dead, just pining for the fjords
  10. 8pm clean rubbing racing, join me in lobby.
  11. Long time no see, welcome home fella
  12. I could be wrong but think the new members sign up is turned off atm due to Russian spammers? I'm sure Sabre or Flat can sort you out?
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