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  1. VoxZef

    GTA Tuesday

    Went home for lunch to check on the pups, and I remembered the patch. Left the PS4 on downloading and installing. Should be all ready when I get home, which will be at 8PM GMT instead of 9 due to our differences in DST.
  2. VoxZef

    GTA Tuesday

    You know I'll be there
  3. VoxZef

    GTA Tuesday

    Pretty much guaranteed the me, hol, and spline are there every week.
  4. I MADE IT TO SINGLE PLACE DECIMAL KDR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......lol.... .2 Haha
  5. I may try to get on tonight as I get off work early today.... Not that my .07 avg kdr would be of any help..lol
  6. Dammit another Yank....lol I'm down south in Florida. So if you are looking for some late night games after the Euro guys are asleep, I come on after the wife goes to bed.
  7. I'll be off and it is the day after holiday here. The wife will be home as well. I am going to try to get her drunk in the afternoon. Then she will nap and I can play.
  8. Oops thought this was tonight for some reason.
  9. I will try to be on. I get off at 8 on Fridays, but I have a conference call from 830 to 9. Phone on mute with ps4 on in background..lol
  10. I should be around tonight. Been looking for some online fun with this game. A week away is too long..lol
  11. We both had off....there were no races had....lol
  12. I am off today so hopefully I will make it. Might need to knock the wife out though
  13. Blarrrghhhh may be out for this.....lol
  14. So ready for this. The wife is even staying late at work soze I has more times...lol
  15. Great fun. Sorry I had to leave. I enjoyed hosting and hope everyone had a great time.
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