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  1. Welcome back. Permanent nights, killer.
  2. Good to see you back Beefy. I miss the times where the hardest decision in my life was Socom or RFOM for a game night. Lives change and time marches on, but you'll see the usual suspects still hanging around here.
  3. Welcome. I think Destiny 2 has been the most active recently around these here parts, sorry I've been playing too much Red Dead. You'll mainly find me on Battlefield, GT Sport and Red Dead online when it's released if you're moseying on around there.
  4. Welcome back, think you're still on my friends list after all these years.
  5. Welcome. I've been quite inactive on the multi-player side of things here for a good while but I'm sure the Battlefield folk will make you more than welcome.
  6. Welcome. Was it wise to admit knowing the loons you mentioned?
  7. That's brilliant, congrats.
  8. Welcome,enjoy and get stuck in
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