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  1. Hey beef. How goes it. Westy, clev, wicky and I still team up once in a while to call you names. Welcome back.
  2. It Ted! Welcome back. Plenty on Destiny.
  3. And he wears his underpants outside his pants.
  4. Might be. Might not be. Not telling ya.
  5. Cheers for the games t'other night dark.
  6. Aye, Dark, every game has its time. Did well to keep it going.
  7. I only posted it for a week pappa. If you want to play it again then you have to set up a game night. If you wait on other people to do it it will not happen. You have to do it yourself. Im not having a dig at you to set one up but I've had years of experience that if no one does anything about it it will just drift into the ether. Many old onr members will tell you this.
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