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  1. Thanks for the welcome everyone. I've seen a few people on the battlefield already!
  2. HandoFett

    G'day cobber

    Hi, I'm new here too.
  3. Really impressed you've still got a 2600, still in working order? I don't know what happened to mine, assume it got sold when i moved to a commodore...
  4. Thanks everyone, I'll send some requests when i get on. Good to see another couple of people know what an Atari 2600 is!
  5. Hi, 43 yr old PS4 gamer here thought I'd get signed up and say hello. First console was an Atari 2600 Which definitely means I'm old! Don't usually get on until late in the day since my kids hog overwatch and Lego dimensions but I can usually be found playing battlefield 1. Also been playing Witcher 3 for the last few months. Cheese? Brie. Camembert. Dairylee triangles.
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