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  1. Thanks for having me.. a baptism of fire .. but was a lot of fun!! Can't believe I lost that race from Pole - caught the stupid curb of the chicane and went arse about tit!! The tanks (Mercedes) were fun .. but those last things were horrible to drive... no grip!!! I need to spend some time tweaking my setup i think! Until next time!!
  2. oh.. ffs... did we not lock the doors??!? Good to see you back on me old mate!! :salut:
  3. Will do my best to be on after the mrs goes to bed... about 10ish..
  4. Saturdays are a tough sell for me to the Mrs - but for this will do my best to make it on - probably around 10pm.
  5. I will be on after the mrs is in bed - approx 10ish
  6. ***Posted for MM*** Am gonna try and get a full room, 5v5 (as maths isn't the strong point for you guys I'll total that up for you, it's 8 players) This will mostly be the blind leading the blind, but in the snuggly wuggly safe zone of a private game it shouldn't be too bad for anyone, wear your favouite onesy for extra snuggly (not mandatory) I've no idea how easy it is to juggle teams around, if we do manage to get a full room and one team appears to be dominating we'll juggle teams to make them fair Despite FC4 MP being a far cry from what we wanted, I do think there's a decent game hidden there if we look hard enuff. Sign up. Do it.
  7. daveyoi


    The abridged history of O&R 1. AHHHHgghh - The internet's is crazy, and most playstation owners are 12 - what does the older gamer do? 2. The, now famous, rally call on eu.playstation.com 3. Grand Tourismo Prolouge, EGWT southerns vs northerns, COD Crazyness, GTA IV Turf war, Ireland piss up, FC2 Map making excellence. 4. DELETE GATE!!! Booooo 5. PS4 Announcement night chat, taking the piss out of all on stage, SHOW ME THE BOX!! 6. BF4 mayhem, COD Revival, GTA V PS4 Excitement, snowmen with no eyes!! 7. You Joined - Welcome Home! :salut:
  8. Welcome to O&R Fricin... great intro - you will fit right in!! :thumbleft:
  9. Has anyone given the online a go recently? Has the last update made it stable? Is there more chance of me getting a blowie from Mila Kunis?
  10. I have just been on and its just as flakey as it was last week - if you get in its fine but I don't hold out much hope of it keeping us all together as a party! I will bump this night to next Friday... at least we will have another TT to do today hopefully!
  11. Shall we just defer to next Friday? And keep deferring until the servers can handle more than 3 1/2 people on them?
  12. How is it today? I haven't been on yet... Is it still looking likely to be a night at the disco?
  13. daveyoi


    Welcome to O&R Nick - sounds to me you will fit in perfectly round here! Quick though - before there is a national emergency raised - what's your favourite cheese?
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