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  1. Sorry Guano, moved on to better things now.
  2. I picked this up the other night as an impulse purchase and I have to say so far I'm quite impressed with the game and how it has slipped me by. Might fill the void that Battlefield 1 has left in me. I'll try my best to be on this Tuesday night. Probably from 9ish.
  3. On paper, actually this result pulls us further away from war and a little closer (little) to "peace". It'll benefit Brexit from and industrial point of view but not military though. This makes me sad as I haven't been "to" war all year and I'm getting itchy trigger finger. (Although that could've been contracted by touching Mary Jane Rottencrotch).
  4. Fuck's sake. Tomorrow not guaranteed now. Will cunts stop terrorising cunts so I can have a fucking day off??? So angry I am replying to my own bloody quote!!! I'll try and make an appearance at some point. I'll be around this evening for a couple of hours though if anyone is on.
  5. Beeeeeeb. Got the whole of Wednesday guaranteed off. So I shall be there from 8.
  6. Good laughs last night. This game offers whatever playability you want. Fuck around or serious and it seems to still bring the enjoyability. Couple of rounds with more than 10 tags. They are easy to come by, especially as it's easy to attack from the front with no counter. Problem is, they are easy to lose too! Some of the rag doll moments are funny too.
  7. Joined you guys for a quick round to say goodbye to the old fella (BF4). I think I spent more time in the queue than in the server! Anyway walked away with some OnR tags, some from guys who must've been playing for the first time in years! I won't name and shame them yet, i'll give them a chance to be a man and tell us what happened. Then I'll put it in a video. Mwah ha ha ha haaaaaaaaa.
  8. That's how the "what happened" phrase came about! Personally, I think the silence says more than "aaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh, just lost my fucking tags"
  9. 1:42. Ha ha ha. Darky does like his tea extra strong. Good kills there, I like videos where the majority features the OnR posse.
  10. Where's the 'spitting drink out' emoji? Should I get a STD test because your end had a red dot on it?
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