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  1. Well cup my balls and call me Shirley! Long time no see, Mr.Beef
  2. Hi Amit, welcome aboard. I've been a single dad with 2 kids for the last 10 years, so I know how brave it is to give up work and go full time! Good luck!
  3. Welcome aboard fella
  4. With my experience of female navigators, you'll almost certainly get lost
  5. WestHamArmy


    Welcome aboard Jonny Enjoy
  6. Welcome back Lowi. How was your Xbox experience? It's always good to have your finger in every pie if you've got the money. See you on Red Dead no doubt
  7. Bloody hell, another Scotsman. About time we reinstated that wall! Welcome aboard fella, there's plenty of folk playing Destiny 2 here so have a mooch about the boards and make yourself at home Enjoy
  8. Welcome back fella. Congrats on the new edition, hope everything went to plan. Not a destiny man myself but there's plenty of groups knocking about on here
  9. Good to have you back onboard Ted. Business as usual here, still a bunch cynical old bastards!
  10. Hmm, notice how Chopsy disappeared and the Russian spammers arrived, now there's no spam and he's back. Like Clark Kent and Superman
  11. WestHamArmy


    Hmm, appears that Google translate fed me a dud translation last night!?!
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