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  1. Only had time for a handful of goes yesterday - score was a bit pathetic but oddly enough I got two trophies. (As if it was taking the piss out of me!) The table's very dark so it's quite hard to see where I'm supposed to put the ball. So even more than normal it's just a matter of banging them back up and hoping that they hit something decent. There seem to be plenty of gimmicky bits - things that require using the left/right button and X to do things. Didn't really get to grips with it. Will try to give it another go before the deadline but could be on for a spectacular failure here!
  2. I've only got the starter tables and also the Zen Pinball tables (I know it's a different game but it's similar ). I wouldn't be offended to sit out a week or two while other tables are being played (or it might persuade me to buy some of the cheaper ones). (Er I think that means captain america ). Maybe mix them up a bit?
  3. Well I feel very pleased with myself! I have no idea how it happened but I got over 18 million out of the blue! (2nd best score today was just over 7 million). Think it was the multiball that helped. OK it's not going to give Ming sleepless nights, for I'm well chuffed all the same. My main problem with pinball games is that I am so useless that decent scores are always a fluke, and I rarely get lucky with more than one ball in the same game. Good idea to have a weekly session on this - I'd not really given this game much of a spin after getting it with PS+ agres ago - nice to finally give it a bit of a workout.
  4. Damn - looks like I may have got my flukey turn the first time around when I notched up just over... well I had somehow thought it was 20 million but sadly my dodgy memory was playing tricks on me and it was just over 10... but haven't been able to get too close to that this time. Wonder if we could stretch to include Zen Pinball in this? (Only saying that as I have a copy ). Am I right in thinking that they are releasing zen pinball 2 as a free upgrade which also works on vita? Anyone know when it's due?
  5. Pretty epic score, well done Ming. I feel pretty pleased with myself for not being last.
  6. I'm going to join the list of those teetering on the edge of sanity over "now that's why I have more than one suit". Add to that "I know it's a bit early - but cheers!". Quite an annoying table - particularly the voiceovers, but it's definitely harder than spiderman. I managed to fluke one score just under 7 million and one just over, but no other scores came remotely close to that. The multiball is good though - in a totally chaotic and impossible way. I found the missions where you put the ball in the hole in the middle a bit annoying - 9 times out of 10 the mission starts off and I get all the posing and whatnot and then it starts and.. the bloody ball fires down the hole without me touching it. Now THAT'S why I have more than one suit. BUT NOT MORE THAN THREE !!! Arghhh...
  7. Some stunning scores on there! Will try to give iron man a go over the weekend.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. I`ve been frantically waving the Move up and down without success so far
  9. There are kickbacks ?? There are letters to spell out ????? There is help ??!?!?!? Next you'll be telling me there's some way to propel the little ball thing back up the table once it gets near the bottom.
  10. There are some insane scores on there - I don;t know how you lot do it !!
  11. Sent - thanks, Sere. I fluked just over 10 million today and felt like a massive winner. Again, until I saw Ming's score. Yours also makes me feel quite inadequate. But not quite on the same scale. I've only got over 5 million about 3 times.
  12. Exactly the same as me! Well, except for the "do ok with scores" bit. Had a little bash at this today. How the f**k do some people (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, MING) get some of those obscene scores? 180 odd million or something?? How??? Do I need to add anyone to my friends' list to be eligible for this? (I have a feeling I won't be choosing the next table! )
  13. Ooh I have these. If it's not too late for me to join I'll see if I can have a bash. I am seriously useless though as I've not played more than about once. (And am useless anyway. )
  14. Just had an absolute stinker in the first international daily. I was doing OK, until one hole where I got 3 out of bounds in a row and finished 7 over (for the hole). I ended up 9 over at the end and officially the worst person in the world.
  15. Thanks, Steve - will have a read later - looks really useful. For anyone else who hasn't seen this before and is too lazy to rummage through old posts, the link is here: http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/PS+Vita/ ... sp?c=38225
  16. Probably pointing out the obvious, but I think the little red marker on the power gauge gives you an idea of how much power you should be using. (And if it's not there, hit it as hard as you can.) I presume you need to compensate for wind? (I do but don't know by how much as I'm not sure how to tell how strong the wind is - it always says ?? for the strength ) One other thing that I always forget - can someone remind me how to do topspin and backspin? I've not used either yet - probably a bit advanced for me .
  17. Anyone struggling to get the easy mode is welcome to lend me their vita for a few days - I'm sure I could make it appear pretty damn quickly!
  18. Ah, the amount of pleasure I get from not being last !!!!
  19. You lot weren't wrong about the pro competitions being tough. Holy crap!!! I got caught in a bunker and just couldn't get out - all my shots ended up bobbling back down the hill towards me. And I kept going in the water - had about 6 shots in a row that went in. But then I was offered the easy mode on the BEGINNER round..... Does easy mode just make the other opponents worse? I don't think it makes the actual game easier to play otherwise does it?
  20. sorry, got it wrong. those scores were saturday ones sundays are up now Can't believe you missed off the one tournament when I didn't come last! (Admittedly I've only played three but I'm not expecting to beat Manky very often if he can get 7 under!) I was thinking back to my stupid comment about being penalised for landing on the fairway. I actually think that would make for quite an interesting challenge - if you had to hop from bit of rough to bunker to rough it would certainly be quite challenging. (Although perhaps not unusual enough for my liking )
  21. +1 for going in the rough is insane!! If it was +1 for landing on the fairway I might have a chance.
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    Good to see you again, Petey! :salut:
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