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  1. Nice job with the Kut Ku mate :salut: That's normally where most people suddenly find out how hard this gets :yup: But it's nothing compared to what's coming later though
  2. If it's the carpenter bugs you need try area 2 in the snowy mountains as that's supposed to be a good place for them :yup:
  3. Would have liked to have played a bit longer last night but was having connection problems & when I could get in a race I had lag & the other players were invisible! Hopefully will get a better connection next time. :salut:
  4. Really enjoyed last nights golfing with OnR even if I'm completely rubbish at it :yup: Looking forward to the next one :yahoo:
  5. Ghenghiz


    Welcome back mate. Once you get your internet sorted we'll have to try & get some Monster Hunting time sorted Or some Eve Online maybe? Just got myself a Maelstrom to fly around in (well once i can afford to insure & equip it)
  6. Ghenghiz


    Hi all good to see the site back up & running. Been a member of OnR since the beginning & though I don't post that often I spend a fair bit of time on here The name's Andy aged 42, 2 kids & soon to be happily divorced been a gamer as long as I can remember.Not been on the PS3 as much recently for various reasons but hoping to get some time to get back into it soon.
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