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  1. Well BF5 has arrived and I've just got my grubby mitts on it (against my better judgement!!) I've sent a request to the Platoon directly on the game, so hopefully I'll be able to get some games in with y'all. My play hours are sporadic at best these days (got a kid now) Usually catch me on 10pm onwards (UK) till whenever I've had enough. Occasionally get on earlier, but that's very occasionally. Look forward to seeing you on the battlefield (terrible pun)
  2. Thank you for the warm welcomes folks. Glad to see there still folks wandering these paths Settling in nicely on Black Ops 4?
  3. Hi all at OnR, I'm ToonTonic, some of you will remember me from the days The 55s had clan battles with y'all...think that was MW2 onwards etc. We had some epic battles, I remember that much.. So much so, upon looking for a new place to potentally call home, I remembered. About me: Huge interest in FPS games ofcourse. Mad keen on Battlefield these days, but honestly a tad worried about the latest in the series. Don't play COD any more, though did get involved in the recent Blackout beta & enjoyed it. Other than FPS games, I play ALOT of FIFA. Kinda hoping you have a community in that I can get involved in. I noticed in a few posts you had a similar request that The 55s used to have.. What's your face cheese? Mines anything 80s disco...fuck me it was terrible PSN: ToonTonic Hit me up if there is still an active community here
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