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  1. Thanks chaps what are people playing now? I see the cod section is covered in dust
  2. Hmm hello again again I never did get back online, hopefully I'll fare better this time
  3. Thanks chaps, good to be back home
  4. Hello again to all my old friends and just hello to new ones that have joined here in the last 2 years or so Just got Destiny 2 and am back in the PS4 saddle so hopefully see you all online soon, my headphones are extremely dusty so may not be on chat yet though
  5. Welcome back chillar, I hope you only drink red wine as I have supped all the white
  6. Hi and welcome to onr I've seen you in a few cod lobbies recently so about time you showed up here too
  7. I've still not tried the mp on this but I haven't got any dlc so will anybody be on for basic action late on maybe about midnigh?
  8. Hi blackdog welcome (back) to onr
  9. TedStryker

    Alright Dave

    Hi rich and welcome to onr there's quite a few bristol folk on here so I assume you're all related
  10. We were on last night too! Every night could be cod night really it is not very often empty on there
  11. bit of a funny one this week westy as a clan war has started so I doubt much of the usual tomfoolery will be happening, still be plenty of folk on though
  12. Welcome back jebus good to have you here again
  13. Hi p1nt welcome to onr I only play cod and gta so chuck us an invite and I'll see you on there
  14. Got on eventually for a few games and even managed to win a race! After the last one though instead of returning to the lobby it spawned me underwater and I couldn't get back on so called it a night
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