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  1. I hate the pair of you AM NO A GINGER
  2. I thought it was for the best. Full disclosure and that Cheers fella, I'm usually last and/or skudding through the battlefield in a car, blasting out Vengaboys Hope so I hate cheese i'll wait for the ban notification
  3. Thanks to DarthDave, Pappasmurf, Gorrilachops, Leeroy, I've ended up knocking at your door. My name is Gordon. I live just outside Glasgow (naw am no a ginger). Been gaming forever it seems. Started with one of those pong machines that hooked up to my B+W portable tv and progressed from there. My interests outside of gaming are movies, music (love going to concerts) and a bit of golf. I used to like all types of games but as i've got older my attention span has got shorter and shorter, so i kinda steer clear of strategy and JRPG games. Not a fan of sports games except for golf (everybodys golf at the mo) also not a fan of COD (being terrible at it doesn't help). I am currently playing Destiny 2, Battlefield 1, Destiny 2 and a flirting with a wee bit of Destiny 2. Got StarWars Battlefront 2 preordered and have a backlog of games that would choke a horse. You can find on these with the username:- PSN - Yahozna Xbox - Tame (if you send me a FR on here please say you are from OnR, i get a ton of spam requests here) Steam - Tame65 Origin - Tame65 UPlay - Tame1975 Battlenet - Tame#2219 i'm only really active on the PSN at the mo, so if you send me a friend request on the other platforms give me a wee nudge Cheers folks
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