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  1. cheb74

    Evening All

    hi again! I struggle to game as much or to not fall asleep while its loading! Nice to see you back.
  2. you could have bet the huzz would be first in there! Im betting on Clev next! I might pop by but i will probs fall asleep beforehand!
  3. hiya lad, enjoy the site and get the friends requests fired out. I dont do destiny im afraid, the grind killed me! My daughter is 22 and left home years ago, I work 9 months a year and have 3 off so I sympathise on the amount of "chores" that need doing!! I am just moving in to my late nights faze of the year!!
  4. cheb74


    Hi, I think everyone is off wandering the plains at the minute! Feel free to fire some friends requests out to people playing anything you are and such! Enjoy!
  5. Hi toon, I am going to be hammering RDR when that arrives and I think quite a few on here will be too. Is that something you will be getting? I gave up on EA after a few too many bouts of unnecessary greed but I used to play a hell of a lot of battlefield and I remember playing against you lot. I miss the days of full boards on our server! Theres still a fairly big OnR community kicking around just they don't seem to be posting on here much for some reason at the moment! Feel free to add me, I know a few are still playing FIFA so start a topic, sort a night out, there is far more people lurking around here than it may seem at times!! Enjoy!
  6. well done you two! See you about, just not on destiny!
  7. Hiya! I only use the ps3 for rockband now a days but i would be surprised if there isnt someone on here playing them! I get motion sickness really bad on some games and i can recommend kwells seasickness tablets (other brands are available!). Anyway welcome to the place you were always looking for! Someone more knowledgeable will be along shortly!
  8. hiya Jeroen, theres quite a few one here playing bf4 and bf1 so have alook at the topics and see whats happening! See you around!
  9. cheb74

    Hello there

    welcome lad, fire out some invites as theres a good few bf1 players on here if you check the boards you will find a pretty active bf1 topic on there! Enjoy!
  10. cheb74

    old newbie

    pfft see! Hes quick ! I type slooooooowwwwwww!!
  11. cheb74

    old newbie

    i like your psn! Welcome to OnR lad, you should find what you are looking for, just have a look around the boards and send some requests out. Theres a regular battlefield night too, im guilty of being a bit anti social lately and stuck playing tanks but if i remember rightly its a friday, but wednesday rings a bell too? But im gambling on friday! Someone a little less vague will be along shortly!!! hol!!!! Anyway, hello!!
  12. cheb74

    GTA Tuesday

    wheres spline ? ive started watching dexter at last so i find myself deeply suspicious of him all of a sudden!
  13. welcome, send out some friend requests and i hope you enjoy the banter! Keeps me sane! Sounds like it might be a good time to join up on ark as they are starting over on a new server. Anyway, catch you around!
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