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  1. Welcome bud, will no doubt catch you on siege soon
  2. great nights gameing even if it was just a test, cheers
  3. juan is pleased to see you again sir
  4. how doos Rik, fellow penecillen alergic. even tho blue cheese is not real mould, i've tried and it makes me baulk, its all in the mind i think.
  5. transdimentional thread lol welcome back sleeb. and i'll watch out for a game o starhawk if it happens. congratz ocean lad.
  6. welcome back, my team captain in a cod4 tourny
  7. still a great looking and playing game. great final night, very very close finish, worth staying up for.... sad to see it go. i thank all thee players over the time we been playing this and of course fen, indy and other captains marktreb n sere over its time, great work. and hopefully we can have another game to fill its shoes in the new generation. sweet
  8. work has me in bed earlier these days fen.... but im gona try make it
  9. ow do col vindaloovian, poly morph, reddwarf... is mr flibble here? bet i've missed one. boys from the dwarf taking over.
  10. thanks chaps i hope one day they make a direct sequal to this.
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