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  1. You certainly can you posh sod
  2. Ooooh it’s been a long time since we needed a Battlefield reminder. But for those of you who have forgotten, Battlefield Wednesday is OnRs longest running and most popular game night so pop that CD in, join a chatroom and enjoy the wonder that is Battlefield Wednesday.
  3. Wickywar


    Welcome aboard again especially as you're from the best county
  4. Hello and welcome, there's usually a few on BF every night. Where in Finland are you? I have friends in Jarvanpaa
  5. Hello good evening and welcome. I'm with you in the 39 camp. Join us on weds for BF1
  6. Welcome aboard. Weds and Sunday are the main nights. There's loads on right now
  7. What a flipping funny night. Not laughed that much in ages. What the hell were we on. I remember about 20 mins of Stallone growning
  8. You sir have a face like a blue waffle cunt
  9. Cheers for the games. Short one for me last night. Don't know about you Nelson but my neck is killing me from the weight of all your tags lol.
  10. Maybe ditch operations on a weds then? Mix it up with Rush, cinquest and my fave War Pigeon
  11. I can assure you i wasn't on any horse long last night. Lost my mojo with em
  12. Great games even better banter. Fuck knows what we were on last night but that's the craziest chatroom I've been in, in a while. Angry Clev Hammered Sabre who disappeared to what we thought was to shoot up via his pecker. Jag learning English Culture Westy talking to himself when squadded on the opposite side. Craigo been a bossy Cant Space and his impersonations. Lol Police Academy And lets not forget Joey Deacon. Team work gets a big fat zero though.
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