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  1. I hope to be on just after 9 :yahoo: just so long as the dog has finished with the tv and the Mrs has been walked, or is that the other way round. oh and if she see this I wont be on
  2. Ok purchased one lovely XKR Coupe '10 and just to be geeky, i've gone for the yellow that Mike Cross had on the origional pre production model. Just tyres and aero to do and i'm all set. do i take it that there are no other mods, i.e. no suspension, transmission etc?
  3. A Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag you say! Might not be able to miss this one :cool:
  4. I'd go buy them then, how much and where? :old:
  5. Made it home, so i should be on by 9 :salut:
  6. SonicDBS


    Shy :rofl: :rofl: Coming for the girl that comes up to a stranger in the KFC queue at Alton Towers.... "Hi I'm Sharon, what's you name?" Great to have you back Miz :rose:
  7. Oh good that makes 2 of us in the same boat lolNo that's 3 of us, i've gone for some oddballs, but should be fun
  8. Subject to connections, i should be there mark :fight:
  9. SonicDBS


    Thanks mate,& yes, catch you online soon
  10. SonicDBS


    Hey Bert,Catch you online soon mate
  11. SonicDBS


    Hello stranger, fancy seeing you here
  12. SonicDBS


    Lunch break..... nooooooooooooooo, can't we find him something else to do before his superpowers wear out Great job mate, thats for both the job on the forum & the mrs
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