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  1. I'm still O&R ! If you shoot me I bleed and then fall over, wait for a medic to run past & then respawn
  2. It's like the Zombie Apocalypse
  3. The first was popular online, this one was great fun but they did something incredibly daft with the MP. You could not have an 8 player party night so it kinda slipped through our fingers. They supported it well & it still has a decent following but not round these parts. I still do the updates but have not played for 6 months
  4. Hello & Welcome, getting a few extra folk on your PSN list will give you an idea about who's doing what. I couldn't get new FIFA as RDR BF5 will take over and I'm still trying to get a game from 2015 finished to my liking.
  5. See you on RDR, I'll be punching your Horse before you can say 'Don't dig for water under the Outhouse'
  6. I have been mostly playing BF1, Borderlands, No Mans Sky & Overwatch Main problem right now is too many games to choose from and VR, BFV and Red Dead on the radar. Hope you manage a game or two this time
  7. Hello Lurker, what games you spending time on at the mo?
  8. I'll get you on my list when I log in again Friday
  9. Wish I could have been there. Had to watch TV with my Wife
  10. So are we seeing other people now?
  11. Welcome along Casio, I only use my PS3 for Plus games and Lego/Kids games these days and as the PS3 friend list only has a 100 max I doubt our paths will cross. Re Weakest player - Stick with it though as I feel I've improved since playing with these numpties
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