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  1. I played a lot of Football Manager when mine were little. That was a very long time ago now!
  2. We spruced the place up cos we knew you were coming. 😁
  3. Hello and welcome and what is your favourite cheese please?
  4. Hello and welcome! Good choice of cheese!
  5. It wasn't dead it was just sleeping! Welcome back.
  6. Hate cheese? Good grief... Welcome anyway I suppose ☺ Was the smell "fausty"? My wife just used that word (Not to describe me I hasten to add) and I'd never heard it before.
  7. Wahey! I joined a game night for a few games. Cheers to Dark and Craig for letting me join.
  8. three_leg_jake


    Anyone else notice a handwriting similarity between WestHamArmy and the spammer?
  9. Hello and welcome! We do need to know your favourite cheese please.
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