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  1. Well, I am only into gaming when life is less great so I guess less great? So the fact that I was away for a few years means things went well! Home and family life good. Work life not so great.
  2. Would love to get in on some BF action again. Any particular night for a sesh?
  3. Well, it's been a LOOOOONG time since I gamed with any of you and I really miss it. A lot has happened in that time. My son has completely taken over my PS4 (it's in his bloody room!) I may have a little more time to game over the next few weeks so wanted to drop back in and see what's happening. Doesn't seem to be much activity on here these days Where has everyone gone? I have Battlefield V but have hardly played it. Got RDR2 which I have put some hours in and loved which is unusual for me as I don't play SP generally and found RDR1 boring. Does anyone remember me lol?!
  4. Yes please. Downloaded but not played it yet. Enjoyed the PS3 version before.
  5. I've killed someone a few times with the baseball bat but not once has any options come up?
  6. Think I may pick this up after all. Really enjoyed Conquest on Dust Bowl. Only thing is, is anyone else getting it?
  7. The beta has been extended until tomorrow night. Have to say I'm really enjoying it now. I seem to be way better at it than BF4. I am regularly topping the leaderboard in Conquest. May consider buying it after all.
  8. Think I'll stick with BF4. Loads of maps I have hardly played still. Don't think I can justify
  9. Only played a few games of Conquest Large so far. This mode is classic Battlefield but quite a bit more manic. Quite enjoyed it actually. Wish they'd give up with the dust storms though.
  10. The initial download is just 2.7gb. You then have to start the game for the remaining 7gb to download. So remotely downloading will only do the first bit I think. I've started the install process and the secondary download. 25% after 1 hour on 25mb down. Gonna take a while then.....
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