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  1. Im up for it if you play BF4 ! I deleted BF1 lol
  2. Maybe he meant he's on PlayStation Pro? If however he's a Pro gamer i feel we should politely decline him, we are Old and RUBBISH afterall...
  3. Open Reach? Every time i see a van drive past I worry about what they're doing. Some of them really do know their stuff... Others not so much
  4. Welcome back mate, been there myself, for the same reason
  5. I'll have a word with the evil one then... He's holding out on me... Until then, This should cheer you up http://www.ebaumsworld.com/videos/milk-shake/142/
  6. If you send Huano nudes, we'll let you into the 'SPECIAL GROUP'
  7. After 2 days solid of downloading all my games again, im in lol
  8. Its operations Wicky! Don't forget to download the PATCH 1.97GB!!!!!!
  9. Hillary didn't win so theres no war with Russia. So no
  10. I had quite a nice time in a little tank last night.... MWHAHAHA
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