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  1. Well, I thought that was successful. So much so, Huano and I are going to do this every Friday - I've added it to the OnR calendar. All welcome!
  2. It's been a while. Anybody fancy a one-off night of BF4 carnage? If it's popular, we may do it again.
  3. Every Monday is now just Battlefield 4. Right now you can get BF4 in the PS Store for just £3.83. If you don't have DLC maps let us know when you join and we'll stick to the (excellent) vanilla maps.
  4. I'm bringing back the boom. Titanfall 2 was already a superb game but with recent (free) DLCs, it's even better. New maps, new game types and even a new Titan. Come and join us every Tuesday (if you can tear yourself away from GTA) for TF2 action, thrills and tears. Who doesn't want to fight people in a huge mech? Right now, the cheapest place to get it, if you haven't already, is John Lewis @ £20. Otherwise, head to Amazon.
  5. Unless Huano takes over, I think Hardline/BF4 Monday has come to a close. Our BF4 server has gone and it's hard to round up people now to have a half-decent match. It's a shame but the reign of BF4 seems to be finally over.
  6. Sunday night Titanfall is now... All too often it was just me and I've now started teaming up with non-OnR gamers. However, I am still on regularly so feel free to look out for me and join me
  7. Would be happy to but can't find your PSN name - can you double check you've put it correctly?
  8. Lee - I'll be around each night until Sunday now, so feel free to join anytime. Don't forget all, it's free from TODAY until Sunday and 2XP each day too. Oh, and don't forget the DLC drop today too.
  9. Thursday 30th March to Sunday 2nd April will see a number of things happening the world of Titanfall 2. For a start, you can download and play - FOR FREE - between these dates. So if you've not played TF2 before, this is your chance. You not only get the superb multiplayer option but also The Training Gauntlet and one of the missions from the campaign as well. Next up, it's double XP during all of this time, so for those who already have the game, it's a great time to buff up those levels. Lastly, the Thursday will also see the release of the next (free) DLC - Colony Reborn. The classic Titanfall map Colony will be added, a new weapon, Prime Titans and lots of additional extras. All of this ends on the Sunday, which is OnRs traditional Titanfall 2 night. However, don't wait until then, jump in any evening and there's a good chance I'll be there too. What have you got to lose?
  10. Calendar invites updates. It's been rather quiet recently on the TF2 front - anybody wish to join us (I'm looking at those past players)?
  11. Can we have a vote on which night people would prefer for TF2? (multiple answers are fine)
  12. Well, that turned out to be a total failure. At least it was tried
  13. Right now anybody joining would be good - it's kinda lonely right now
  14. I may be a little late on tonight. If anybody gets there first, please set up chat room and kick things off
  15. Welcome Raggy - I know you've already dropped me a friend request. And, yeah, I agree, BF4 is definitely better than BF1 in my eyes. It looks and sound great and I have no problem with the setting but, I don't know, it's just missing a spark for me.
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