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  1. Skid_

    Incoming Mpg

    Hi Drac. A lot of gaming sites are stuggling to stay alive so we need so keep any ideas coming to help keep us going.
  2. You have found a good place to let of some steam, stress and forget the worries even if its just a few hours.
  3. Hello and hope you enjoy the site. It seems many of the new guys are BF4 fans but its not one for me, I play the other that cannot be mentioned!! like voldemort!
  4. Seems like we have a few new starters recently so welcome to the group.
  5. welcome to O&R and 55 is middle aged here!
  6. Skid_


    Hi fella welcome to the group.
  7. Skid_

    Hi everyone.

    Welcome aboard Roy
  8. Skid_

    knock knock

    Hello Marktreb, not keen on marmite, but im only just liking Nutella..
  9. Think I need to play through the story first Sent from my HTC One_M8
  10. I was also thinking Destiny just a little way off release.
  11. Whats going to replace this on PS4 Manks? what game is going to be our RFOM?
  12. Hello nightcouger welcome to onr hope you enjoy your stay.
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