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  1. Hi Beef think I might still have you on my psn...🙂
  2. Skid_

    Incoming Mpg

    Hi Drac. A lot of gaming sites are stuggling to stay alive so we need so keep any ideas coming to help keep us going.
  3. You have found a good place to let of some steam, stress and forget the worries even if its just a few hours.
  4. Hello and hope you enjoy the site. It seems many of the new guys are BF4 fans but its not one for me, I play the other that cannot be mentioned!! like voldemort!
  5. Seems like we have a few new starters recently so welcome to the group.
  6. welcome to O&R and 55 is middle aged here!
  7. Skid_


    Hi fella welcome to the group.
  8. Skid_

    Hi everyone.

    Welcome aboard Roy
  9. Skid_

    knock knock

    Hello Marktreb, not keen on marmite, but im only just liking Nutella..
  10. Think I need to play through the story first Sent from my HTC One_M8
  11. I was also thinking Destiny just a little way off release.
  12. Whats going to replace this on PS4 Manks? what game is going to be our RFOM?
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