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  1. His fav cheese is Niva (with cabbage), that what he said in his first post anyway
  2. Hi Kapov, good to see you made it
  3. Jeebs is this teenage text speak or are you typing with the help of some fermented red grape!
  4. I got to level 10 on Sunday with a Thursday evening start but I was mucking about with crafting and just wandering around and also helping out the Perfumed Ayatollah with a couple of her quests, so I reckon its doable but not the horse as the cheapest horse IIRC is 10K.
  5. Hi Antonio, On behalf of Chos bitches - your a slag :bounce:
  6. Hi Silver, Is/was your father Yoda and your mother Anne Bonny.
  7. Hi Krizzz , Daren't relax playing Destiny with this lot, they push you to the edge and then laugh like drains when you fall off.
  8. Hi Poacher, Some say an entire medical profession is allocated to monitor just this site for research purposes
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