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  1. Morning all, I was a member a few years ago (PSN: Blackout-000) and thought I should drop a line to reintroduce myself. Just got BFV so keen to rejoin some of the old gang! I did see Huano and Apple, Clev online, hope you boys are still ONR! Regards, Blackout
  2. Blackout


    New Bourne movie eh! Sound exciting, what's do you do?
  3. Anyone even got a PS3 still.......?
  4. Always good fun, I don't mind putting a couple of quid in the pot. Let me know.
  5. I'm in. Can you accept me in the clan on battlelog too please gents.
  6. Blackout


    Last Rytes, long time brother! I'm good mate, the PS4 has just been ordered so will be good to go very shortly!
  7. Blackout


    Appreciate the warm welcome!
  8. Blackout


    In terms of cheese, think im a good old cheddar guy? looks like i need to get that ps4 sooner rather than later! And Wilks yes i remember you my man!
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