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  1. Flat7


    Hello Jonny, we finally got the login sorted... If tanks ever finishes downloading I’ll see you on that, unless you grab GTA. Until cowboys comes around.
  2. Welcome back!! Only driving game I am on is Need for Speed and I haven't looked at multiplayer yet.
  3. I think a few of us had Haze on preorder. Some bloke on here was going on about it endlessly up to launch date....
  4. Flat7

    New Member

    Welcome to O&R!!! Have a good look around and don't be shy to send invites to people on the Playstation, just put O&R in the friend request. You'll soon be laughing your way through any game you like.
  5. Was bf3 the one we got on plus?
  6. I've still got the PS3 connected in for Lego games with the lad
  7. Are the controls the same as sp? Or does it need some getting used too?
  8. I'll be on this if I am gaming
  9. I don't think I have limited edition cars, but I'll set the vita up and see if I get on and use whatever I do have. Although I am travelling north the following day so won't be on late.
  10. I would love to join in but pcars doesn't work with remote play without remapping all the buttons
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