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  1. Welcome. I'm cyberbloke on PSN, Xbox and Steam.
  2. I know the feeling. Online gaming is tricky when you are always having to bail because a baby is crying or a kid keeps coming downstairs.
  3. Welcome to the club, mate. I was an Atari 2600 kid too.
  4. Welcome aboard. Good to have a fellow Speccy and Amiga veteran join the old folks home.
  5. Was great fun. I was staying true to the spirit by propping up the bottom of the leader board. We seemed to be getting gunned down all the time on most matches, but somehow winning most of the time. I suspect we are playing towards the goals a bit more than the other teams, rather than trying to get the most kills.
  6. I'm back into this game and hope to join in around 10pm, wife/life permitting.
  7. No problems, mate. I only got a headset this week, and am not used to party chat. I probably should have introduced myself when I joined the chat. I will definitely add you to me friends list when the kids let me get on the PS4 again!
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