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  1. Motor storm will be added. I already have R2 on the list or do u specifically mean the original?
  2. Hi chaps and ladies, had an idea which hopefully we can get off the ground. As soon as the official release date of the PS4 has been announced we could have a 'Best Of PS3 OnR Game Night' week where over the course of the week before the release of the PS4 we play those classic games which we all enjoyed playing with fellow OnRers. Some of the games that came to mind straight away were: Killzone 2 Burnout Paradise Fifa War hawk Far Cry 2 Resistance 2 COD 4: Modern Warfare Motorstorm Everybody's Golf Mod nation Racers LBP Wipeout Red Dead Redemption If you could think of anymore please let me know your suggestions and I'll stick them all in a poll at a later date to see how many of us still have the games so we can arrange nights. Peace out
  3. zaz_fan

    Hi all

    Hi Mr Gallows!!!
  4. zaz_fan


    Hi Nick! Think u made me a signature thing which was awesome but then they got banned by the nazis on this forum
  5. Can't guarantee I'll get there for 9pm on the dot..was gonna drop in as soon as wife finishes soaps
  6. Roster call 1. Stevetigersix 2. Sabretooth1971 3. hol666 4. SmeggyFox 5. logiebear74 6. grumpial 7. stupify74 8. mikll 9. Sol Faithman 10.NelsonMedway 11. Ducati999rider 12. CatDobnkey1 13. Zaz_fan Yay!! Lucky for me number 13 . I'm in, provided the soaps are finished
  7. Missed last night as was fecking knackered so was in bed by 930pm . Will be hopefully available for next session...just make it 7pm next time lol
  8. Your right! I need to get back on this to unlock more courses
  9. Sorry was only brief stay but didn't realise US basketball team were playing . Will join up for next session definitely!!
  10. Shit!! Should have started download of update before now...could be a while That didn't take too long after all! Now where the fudge are you all? I'm in Sheep Room 7 if that means anything
  11. I'll try to get on tonight. Not played this for yonks Don't have many of the courses unlocked tho as I'm pretty rubbish
  12. I might be on after football too. Bought some new courses
  13. Hi Givo,They are PINK not terrracotta!!!!!!
  14. zaz_fan


    Hello all (again)!!!Good to see the site back again and many thanks to all those that worked hard behind the scenes to get it up and running again :)To be honest, since getting married in August I've had little to no PS3 time, let alone time to post on here as often as I would like, but hopefully things have settled down so I should be on here a bit more.Catch you all online soon
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