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  1. Morning Toon , as Hol has said the boards aren't as busy as in days gone by (I'm as guilty as anyone ) ...I lost my CoDthusiasm two versions ago and doubtful I'll bother with BlOps4, (as you'll see there isn't even a thread for it here yet)! However I switched over to BF1 when it was in the PSN sale two Christmas's ago and haven't stopped playing it since. Looking forward and hoping that BF5 will have the same longevity for me, also likely to give RDR2 a nosey and a mosey!
  2. The only way that would have been any better was if I was playing naked ...
  3. Is this really happening, is what we've been waiting for for some 7 years finally here, oh tell me it's true ... oh Dave already has, I'll be there as soon as the current Mrs Bert has relinquished the TV.
  4. There can NEVER be enough Bert's ... ermmm son, welcome abertd And don't be fooled by any of the wannabe Ernies! Old AND Crusty AND Rubbish if you don't mind Sabre
  5. Nice intro ole boy, make yourself comfy as I reckon you'll be with us for a while [emoji106]
  6. I knew it .... BF player masquerading as a CoD player, :yup: duly noted (ringer) :cry:
  7. I can sense a n other Destiny player to swell your ranks Dave. :thumbleft:
  8. Thanks SWOS that's my idea of a naked gamer well and truly scuppered :cry:
  9. Based on a quick Google search, in answer to your intro thread question, possibly :shock:
  10. Looks like we'll be needing that conservatory extension after all, welcome along. :thumbleft:
  11. As the sensible amongst us say Muso, 50 is the new 30 :old:
  12. Between you and me (and Hol) this was taken from a recent Search and Destroy tic-tacs practice evening ...
  13. "Power to the cheese" Si and welcome along, however of course back is up and forward is down :scratch:
  14. Simon, welcome along and there are still a few of us that uphold the fun that can be had in a CoD game and are frequently (very) found a hopping and skipping and Exo'ing about. :thumbleft: Oh .... and Applewood cheddar .... mmmm :cheese: :yup:
  15. I've not been ignoring the other MPG players that have had to up sticks and sadly leave their ancestral home to join us, but have been reading each with hope and anticipation that some may even venture into a game of CoD occasionally ... :yup: welcome along Ms Purple :cool: :yahoo:
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