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  1. Mawsley

    Hello again

    I normally like to put off the day's peak achievement till later on in the afternoon. But thanks.
  2. Mawsley

    Hello again

    Application button clicked
  3. Mawsley

    Hello again

    Hi people, Last I knew the forum had died but luckily someone very recently told me this existed again. Just got Destiny and could really use a friendly group for clan, fire team and raids. I’m on a PS4, a lvl307 Warlock. Once I get off the phone I’ll have a hunt for the proper section on the computer. Anyway, nice to be back Dave
  4. Mawsley

    MPG KTO Hello

    Cheers for the welcomes
  5. Pointed here by the lovely folks at the MPG forum, so hello. Only recently got back into gaming with the arrival of a PS4 and, despite having left it in annoyance, Destiny is pretty much all I'm playing at the moment. I need to raid more but family and work always seem to dip into that time. Still, I love wandering around the Rocketyard aimlessly on my own too. At some point I need to play NHL15 more, I loved hockey ever since the very first iteration. Oh, and if it takes the roof of your mouth off then that's the type of cheddar I want in a cob (with chunks of raw onion) - but an accompanying glass or two of wine is a must. Nice to meet you all, Dave :cheese:
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