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    Welcome bud, I also play MW so happy to team up 😁
  2. Hi, whilst I have been registered a while (but inactive) from the days when MaturePs3Gamers unfortunately called it a day, I thought I had better post here rather than sneak back in unannounced. Hope you have all been keeping well, I have found the old mojo and started playing the various machines again. I am Dan (Drac) - 40 years old, married, 2 kids, 2 dogs the works, based out of Staffordshire, UK. Mostly into RPGs, Shooters, Action/Adventure, also big into outdoor stuff like Mountaineering, scaring myself to death on climbing walls etc. Have Xbox, PS4 and PC, all under the moniker of DraconZeal, be good to have a game sometime. Thanks Dan. (Drac.)
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    Incoming Mpg

    Thanks for all the welcomes folks. Drac
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    Incoming Mpg

    Hi all, hope today finds you all well Headed over due to MPG closure, looking for new forum home. Important bit: Wensleydale or Apricot variant. Short intro: Dan Clarke, 36 in a month, married with two youngsters who sometimes masquerade as me on console. I am pretty easy going and mostly play RPGs/adventure but not a stranger to fps for MP. Other hobbies include anything in the countryside and war gaming. I am based in a village called Pattingham near Bridgnorth. Have all the consoles and Gaming PC, just add a space Dracon Zeal for Xbox, and steam is same as psn. Look forward to seeing some old and making new gaming mates. Drac.
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