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  1. Welcome back! The ship has a bit of a skeleton crew these days but she’s kept afloat 👍
  2. mikll

    Hello again

    Welcome back. As Wyv said, a few of us still plenty active on Destiny 2. We'll get some raid Sherpa going once we've actually managed it ourselves and always happy to jump in for an hour or two to team up on the weekly milestones.
  3. I'm in! Hopefully, cos last night I just plain forgot
  4. Sorry for ducking out without a word, controller died and decided it was time to call it a night anyway. Really good games. Love playing support, my highest scoring game was my lowest kills, and I nailed the neck snap post game, boooyaah! Really impressed with the party system and being able to join games without even having to boot up Killzone first. Very smooth and easy. Definitely a better experience with a (kind of) organised team
  5. I'll be there. Hopefully I'll be able to join the party chat this time.
  6. Really enjoyed this. Was able to get straight in plenty of kills and not too many deaths. Started to get to grips with putting down spawn points and reviving team mates by the end (yay for spawn points again!). Going to take some time for the coordination and stuff to come in. A lot of medics walking right past me when I was down...looking at you SmeggyFox lol Also couldn't get in to the party chat, created my own in the hope at least SmeggyFox could join but no such luck. Don't like the silence so reckon my enjoyment will be much improved should I manage to get in a party chat with you all. Overall a decent start, was always going to take a few sessions to get in the swing if it and it's definitely a team game SmeggyFox so reckon you'll enjoy it more when my shouts to warn you and direct you can actually be heard!
  7. Roster call 1. Stevetigersix 2. Sabretooth1971 3. hol666 4. SmeggyFox 5. logiebear74 6. grumpial 7. stupify74 8. mikll
  8. ^^ what he said...It is way too easy to spawn trap, however in our last couple of games true OnR spirit prevailed and we fought our way out together. Unloading a 300 clip from an LMG in to the enemies faces helps too
  9. Started slowly with a few kills here and there but to end the night with 59 kills in a game was somewhat pleasing!! Such great fun, thanks guys. Hope there is another night soon, always was an underplayed game of such high quality.
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