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Super Seige Sunday (dry run)

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Hi guys


This Sunday the 20th December at 21.30 we are going to test out the dry run for our Seige Sunday settings. I am looking for 6 or more brave souls to jump off into 3 maps 3 game modes 6 rounds and 90 seconds prep with 3 1/2 minutes round time to check out if our plan would take about 90 minutes.


If this proves successful we will have our template for A Seige tourney and can look at making up the teams.


Because we are looking at 5v5 we need people to drop your names down and if we get a huge turn out we can look at splitting into two lobbies if necessary.




House TDM Hostage night

Oregon TDM area Day

Hereford Base Bomb Night


Confirmed Players:




Mr Gallows

Nelson Medway








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Thanks to everyone who took part in this game night. It was a bit weird we didn't know if the game servers would work and we had to resumption the lobby a few times. However it was a great night we learnt a few things


1) the maps took about 30 minutes with the exception of the second map mode that was 45 minutes and went to tie breaker and almost every round timed out.


This tells me we should set the start time to 21.15 to hopefully ensure we always finish at 23.00 should help all of us that have early starts.


2) the rounds should be 4 minutes long with 1 minute prep pretty much the default of the standard MP settings. This seems to be the right balence to promote fast assaults and a strong defence.


The games played well there was a great mix of fun and tension and we are going to have a great time with this on Sunday's in January. I plan to start setting up the teams over the next few weeks ready to launch on the 10th Jan 2016 to run for 5 weeks during the comp the first DLC will land.

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