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Am i just happy to see you ...

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... or do i have a HughJoystick in my hand?


Hello and apologies, the childish humour poorly hides the sad fact that i'm about to turn 40 :( 


Havent been gaming online since i had a PS3 and for some reason  got sick of the PS4 servers when they first came out so didnt have my PS4 for long. 


So took a few years off and for some reason decided to invest more quality time in work and family. Now it seems, the latter, now has got sick of me and bought me a PS4 again at christmas.


Just been playing SP games like Fallout4 and Ark:SE by myself as i found i was raging at randoms on games like BF1, RocketLeague and GTAV etc. Then i thought it might be easier and saner to join a gaming community and play with 'my own people' and hope it will be a whole more enjoyable.


So hence why i'm here .... hopefully.


The (MP) games i have in my library currently range from GTA5, R6: Siege Rocket League, BF1, Ark:SE (just been playing that on single player as the public pings were severely bad, amongst a lot of older games i bought on discount in the PS Store at Xmas, but never started.


Had got Ghost Recon: Wildlands on order after enjoying the Closed Beta and the SP Horizon Zero Dawn thing


... so thats basically me ... oh and stubbornly clinging onto the age of 39 and from Manchester (the good side, that could alienate half of the group on either side probably lol) and my PSN is HughJoystick if that wasnt obvious already ...


so hope to game with y'all soon .... Nanooo Nanooo!!

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welcome, send out some friend requests and i hope you enjoy the banter! Keeps me sane!

Sounds like it might be a good time to join up on ark as they are starting over on a new server. Anyway, catch you around!

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