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Rubbish and old...

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Hi all,

a model from '69 trying to keep at pace with the newer models. Am since a couple of week on a mobile 4G connection and it is rubbish indeed. But then again, a good exercise to aim better and kill at once when playing BF4 on PS4 ;-)

It would be great to play with a team, have not done that yet. Only during a game the magic happens and my team mates and I have a similar idea about the game and it's great fun!


Well, drop me a line if you like



(Dutch guy living in Finland playing BF4)

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Hello and welcome, there's usually a few on BF every night.
Where in Finland are you? I have friends in Jarvanpaa

Hello Wickywar,

​thanks for the welcome and my location Hattula/Parola. Most Finnish men over 18yo know this from the large army base nearby :-) I suppose many Finnish girls know it from the place that take away their bf for an x-number of months...

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