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Hello again

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Hi people,


Last I knew the forum had died but luckily someone very recently told me this existed again.


Just got Destiny and could really use a friendly group for clan, fire team and raids. I’m on a PS4, a lvl307 Warlock. Once I get off the phone I’ll have a hunt for the proper section on the computer.


Anyway, nice to be back

Dave :)

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Welcome back.


There are a few of us playing Destiny 2. Some of us even enjoy it. ;)


Join the clan if you haven't already. We do have a regular group trying to beat the raids, but there are others who also want to do those activities so it could be possible to build another group up.


And I do plan to help other O&R members through the raids once we're masters at it - just need to beat the bloody thing first!! >_


Otherwise there are usually some Guardians on each night, and plenty of things to do with strikes & crucible that are more entertaining in a group.

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